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Supernatural, AU season 10 fan trailer: (spoilers up to 9.23) Faced with his brother resurrected as a Knight of Hell and Castiel’s quickly fading Grace, Sam believes their last hopes may lie in the Demon tablet and the now-broken Angel tablet. With Metatron imprisoned, Castiel proposes that they attempt to resurrect the last Prophet: Kevin Tran.

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Special thanks to hunting-fallen-angels, who lent her voice talent to this vid! (Music credit)


Holy mother of Crowley!!! I NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dash Con



The Baker Street Babes were invited as guests to Dash Con. At the time we were excited at the prospect. Friday we had our panel and live podcast and everything was great. It was lovely to see so many of you and to meet you. Our audiences were superb.

And then disaster struck.

We became uncomfortable with how Dash Con was proceeding after they asked their attendees, all of who had already paid for passes, to bail them out with $17,000-$20,000.

As our official obligations had concluded, we decided to withdraw from having a table or having anything to do with the convention. Liz changed her flight to leave earlier.

As you all know, things went from bad to worse with Welcome To Night Vale. Then Noelle (Gingerhaze) was left to foot her own bill. It became rapidly apparent that Dash Con wasn’t holding onto their part of the bargain and we had a feeling we were next.

And we were.

When Liz and Lyndsay checked in, their rooms, as promised, were on the Dash Con account. When Liz checked out this morning, she found that card had been removed and she was left to foot the bill. She called three of the con directors (Roxanne, Megg, and Cain) informed them all of the situation, saying that if they did not resolve it she would be calling her lawyer.

She waited until she had to leave for the airport. None returned her call or came to the lobby. Lyndsay checked to see if her room was still under Dash Con’s name, and it wasn’t.

I understand some guests have had their stay paid for, while others of us haven’t. Dash Con is picking and choosing who they want to pay. They’re going against their agreements. They’re doing nothing but lying and being incredibly deceitful.

We are not going to be scammed out of money. Not only is it money we do not have, but it’s money that we are not supposed to pay. We’re not letting Dash Con get away with this. We will be taking the appropriate legal action if they fail to pay, and we highly encourage anyone else in the same boat and with the means to do so to do the same.

The hotel manager and staff have been nothing but gracious in attempting to help us. They’ve been following the entire debacle on twitter and tumblr. They know what’s going on.

We hardly want to enter into a lawsuit, but we cannot just “take the hit.” Also, Dash Con doesn’t deserve to get off the hook. Admit to what you’ve done. Pay back the hundreds of people you’ve shamelessly taken money from.

The Babes

so fucking angry!